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It has been a busy fall. It seemed once school started for the boys I would start painting up a storm, but recent discoveries in print-making led me to collage.  It started with Gelli-plate printing.  With short, infrequent bits of time for art-making I found myself unwinding by creating textured papers with my Gelli-plate.

IMG_5026 GelliPrints








After printing an assortment of papers, I cut and tore them to assemble abstract coastal landscapes, which I further embellished with watercolor crayon.

Tillamook BoilerBay








These collages were so much fun to make.  I ended up with nine of them, and they will be on display during the month of December at Village Gallery of Arts, 12505 NW Cornell Road, Portland, OR  97229.  There will be a reception on Sunday, December 13, from 2 – 4 pm.

Today I found myself really missing my watercolors, so I translated one of my collages into a painting.  “Cannon Beach” is shown below in two versions:  collage on the left and watercolor on the right.  Which one do you like best?

CannonBeach BeachWatercolor

50 Figures

IMG_2989With the beginning of autumn, and more time to paint, I have made a personal goal for myself to draw and paint 50 figures before the end of the year.  I am looking forward to this opportunity to play, to not get hung up on details, to let go of perfectionism and explore the many ways I can make these figures my own through color, shape, line and collage.

These are small pieces, and I am drawing my inspiration from the work of favorite artists, magazine photos, and my own personal images.  This painting, titled “Flower Lady,” is based on the outline of my shadow on the sidewalk on a sunny afternoon last week. I used hot press paper, which is so smooth it almost feels slippery.  I haven’t painted on hot press for some time, and I really enjoyed the loose feel of painting on it.