Recent Paintings


“Maryhill”, Watercolor & Ink, 20×14 inches

“Fallen Orchid,” Watercolor, 11×15 inches

“Skipping Rocks,” Watercolor, 10×10 inches

“Hawaiian Bouquet,” Watercolor, 10×14 inches


“Island Time,” Watercolor, 14×20 inches

“Algae,” Watercolor, 5×7 inches

“Dana’s Cows,” Watercolor, 14×14 inches

“Swoon,” Watercolor, 15×11 inches

“Terminal,” Gouache, 11×15 inches

“Ready or Not,” Watercolor, 11×15 inches

“Hodges Cove,” Watercolor, 15×22 inches

“Convergence,” Watercolor, 15×11 inches


“Zinnias”, Watercolor, 15×22 inches

“Banyan Tree,” Watercolor, 14×10 inches

Acrylic & Collage 15 x 11 inches

“Pier 19”, Acrylic collage, 11×15 inches

Pulling Pieces Together

“Pulling Pieces Together”, Acrylic collage, 15×11 inches

Stay Out Of My Room

“Stay Out Of My Room”, Watercolor, 15×22 inches

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